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Book my career, a sincere initiative by us to shape up your future. Find out the best guidance program out here for your destiny. Opportunity comes with our experienced counselling and constant grooming session. No matters who you are and where you come from? We are here to shape your future events with flying colours.

Jai Shankar Gopalan


What we do

Career guidance

It is actually YOU that we are interested in. You need to choose your career in a well informed way. You need to be facilitated for this. If you choose a career which is right for you, you will be able to do that work happily.

Personality Development

People have their own characteristics,behaviours,attitudes and mindset.Personality may vary from man to man.Its being an important feature of a human being.A strong personality makes a man perfect and complete.

Admission Assistance

With our helpful assistance you will find the easy way to get through the admission procedure for your choice of college.All the queries that arise during your admission procedure will be answered here. We are providing you with the best admission assistance for you here.

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Our workshop

The Trinity of Career Counselling TEDxBESC

Our team members

Jai Shankar

Founder Book My Career

Rakhi Pal Choudhury

Founder Educe Technologic & D-Art

Chandrayee Bagchi

Founder Digital Dreams

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